Music Department

Follow the rhythm of the Student’s City!

Concerts of classical, ethno, pop and rock music, musical tribune, workshops (like percussionist workshop Rhythm of the Student’s City), multimedia projects and festivals – all of these make the music program of the DKSG.
Music program is designed to fulfill an educational and entertainment function. The program is filled partly by concerts from various musical genres, partly by music tribune where various musical phenomena are theoretically explained, discussed, analyzed and finally in part by musical workshops. We are also cooperating with universities and societies involved in music - Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac, Faculty of Media and Communication of Singidunum University, Jazz Society, rock and other musicians...
Music program also organizes the Festival of Blues and Festival of modern artistic and electronic music - Lasciar Vibrare.