Visual Arts Department

Are you interested in visual art, either creating it or studying it?

With us you can see exhibitions of affirmed visual artists, but also students of art, you can attended lectures, talks and presentations from history and theory of art and design.
Exhibitions are showcased in two galleries, which are conceptually complementary to each other and make a unified program. Gallery program is primarily dedicated to the affirmation of students of art and young artists, while in the Large Gallery we host the exhibition of affirmed visual creators. Important aspect of our work is cooperating with art academies, but also providing support to country’s artistic productions and cooperation projects with artists from abroad. Since 1981 we organize biennial manifestations of student drawings and student graphics, in which students and postgraduate students from Serbian artistic academies attend, including a visiting academy from abroad. For the younger generation, we host arts studios for drawing and painting and large number of workshops through the year.