About Us

Students’ City Cultural Center is an institution of student culture which is located at one of the largest campuses in the region – in the heart of the Students’ City in Novi Beograd. Our daily repertoire includes movies, plays, quality concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings, workshops and lectures, discussions and debates about current and popular scientific and social subjects.
The Students’ City Cultural Center (DKSG) yearly hosts and creates over eight hundred different programs with almost tri hundred thousand visitors, and an extensive library that gains few thousand new members yearly. You can say that DKSG is by diversity, scope, abundance and range of the programs is one of the leading cultural institutions in the country.
DKSG is also special for the large number of workshops, which allows us to host schools for acting, singing, music playing, creative writing, painting, movie directing, languages, digital literacy and numerous other programs that were attended by thousands of students and some of them are famous and successful artists, scientists and leaders in their respective fields.
Students’ City Culture Center (DKSG) was founded on the May of 24th of 1974. Founders of the Culture Center are the University of Belgrade and University Board of the Belgrade Student Alliance (SSB), in accordance with the Law of Student Standards, put into law in 1992, DKSG became the institution of the student standard, while the founding rights soon were adopted by the Serbian government. Today, DKSG is under the wing of the Ministry of Education, Sciences and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. 
The building of the DKSG itself represents the jewel of Yugoslav modernism architecture, and many programs are housed within compact and functional unity created by the architect Milan Mitrović, with two movie theatres, exhibition halls, libraries, archives, two clubs and a variety of other content.
Officially the institution of student culture, DKSG is more than that – a place where education and art are accessible to everyone, primarily to students, but also to the wider audience, where we nurture the connection of dedication, debate, critical thinking and creativity, spirit of cooperation, studying and solidarity.