Theatrical Department

The whole DKSG is a stage!

The floor boards of the DKSG welcomed at least once everyone who is someone in the theater life of Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Some of their first plays were realized here and some performed for the best audiences of DKSG as famous actors, directors, set designers…
Editorial staff of the theater program has focused since its creation on guiding students and young people towards creativity, giving them an opportunity to be not just the audience, passive onlookers of the visiting professional theater performances, but theatrical creators. Visits by prominent professional and amateur theaters are organized with a goal that the audience of the Student’s City sees and gets familiar with the current theater repertoire, while the theatrical creativity of the students and young theatre artists is supported by cooperation with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and other art academies, open theaters, workshops and studios.

ANDRIJA DANICIC - Head of Theatrical Department

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