Film Department

When you see DKSG – you see film!

Our film program is probably best represented by paraphrasing the famous saying by Tomislav Gotovac (When I open my eyes – I see film), because our movie repertoire is diverse and carefully curated and has always been a characteristic of the DKSG. 
Film program is constructed with an idea to satisfy cinematic preferences of the educated audience and at the same time supporting basic cultural and educational needs of the wider student audiences, primarily students in the Student’s City. The program is realized through showcasing the professional feature films, documentaries and animated films in traditional program features, film cycles, festivals and other representative forms, like tribunes, talks and lectures on film, and an important aspect is the periodical edition of monographs and books in the field of study of film.

Igor Toholj
Igor Toholj - Head of Film Department

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