Step into Serbian 2

Step into Serbian 2 is designed for the students who have a good command of the basic structures of the Serbian language and wish to increase their range of vocabulary and idioms. The book has 12 thematic units with two revisions. Each unit introduces new vocabulary and expressions related to the topic. There is an answer key at the end of each lesson. At the end of the book there's a list of commonly used idioms and sayings in the Serbian language together with the examples of how these idioms are used. The list of all new words and phrases is given in the glossary. This book can be used for self-study or with the teacher.

: 1,990

Трошкове поштарине за куповину до 1000 рсд сноси поручилац, за куповину преко 1000 рсд поштарина је бесплатна
- Књиге поручене током седмице шаљу се првог радног дана следеће.
- Ценовник за поруџбине до 1000 РСД можете погледати на линку:
- За време колективног одмора неће бити могућа куповина.

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