- Golden Wreath of the Belgrade Cultural-Educational Association
- University of Belgrade’s Plaque
- Belgrade Student Association’s Plaque
- Golden Charter at the Short Theatrical Forms Festival
- Plaque of the Student Centre awarded for the living standard of Belgrade University Students

- Memorial Plaque with the Charter of the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts
- Faculty of Applied Arts’ Plaque
- Radio Belgrade’s Second Programme’s Golden Apple Award
- Best Serbian producer in the selection of films at the Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short    

  Film 2009



The Cultural Centre’s Open Theatre visited with its plays many theatre festivals in Serbia and abroad and received numerous awards and recognitions.

FAREWELL JUDA, Ireneuš Iredinjski
- 20. MES, 1979. (Golden Laurel Wreath for the best director awarded to Egon Savin, Golden Laurel Wreath for the best female role)

– ‘Malo Pozorje’ Theatre Festival, Sonja Marinković Youth Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, 1979)

- 30. Dubrovnik Summer Festival, 1979.
- Srečanja Primorje Drama Theatre, 1980.
-  Nancy World Theatre Festival, France, 1980.
- Young Open Theatre Festival Skoplje, 1980.
- Small Stages Festival Nova Gorica, 1980.
- Stodola Theatre, Warsaw, Poland, 1979.
Voted the best play in 1979.
- 5. Festival of the Yugoslav Alternative Theatre, Titograd, 1990.
- 19. Days of Comedy Theatre Festival, Svetozarevo, 1990.
(Professional Jury’s Award to Ivana Žigon, Turkey Cock Statuette awarded for the best acting performance, Vojkan Borisavljević for the best music)

- October Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1990.
- 18. Cervantino International Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico, 1991-official programme

- Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland, 1991-official programme

HEART, pantomime, Ivica Klemenc
- EXPO 92. Seville, Spain
MISTER SEAL, Gordan Mihić
- 31. Split Summer Festival, HNK, Split, 1985.
THE FOURTH WALL, Slavenka Milovanović
- 23. MES, 1982.
- 17. Days of Comedy Theatre Festival, Svetozarevo, 1988. (Best Director Awards to Nenad Ilić and Turkey Cock Statutette awarded to Juraj Fabri for the best stage design and Dušan Jakšić for the best supporting role)

LYSISTRATA, Aristophanes
- 44. BAP 2004 Audience Jury Award with the best average rating 9.35, the best play as a whole, the Award for collective performance, Ana Stojanović received the Best Female Role Award

- Guest performance at 46th Festival of Serbian Amateur Theatres, Kula 2004.

- Silver Plaque for the second place, the Award for collective performance, Marina Kozić received the   

   Best Female Role Award

- Trebinje Summer Festival – Festival of theatrical amateurs of Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic

   of Srpska, Trebinje, 2004.


The Visual Arts Department has organised numerous exhibitions of the most prominent Yugoslav, Serbian and foreign artists, some of which were staged at the galleries throughout the world:

1988 – 4th Biennale of Yugoslav Student Drawing exhibited in Habana (Cuba)

1988 – The exhibition of Yugoslav contemporary visual art staged in Hanover  
(M. Konjović, M. Popović, M. Muslići, V. Georgijevski, H. Tikveša and S. Zec)
1989 – 4th Biennale  of Yugoslav Student Printmaking exhibited at the gallery in Damascus (Syria)
1991 – Works of authors awarded at the 5th Biennale of Yugoslav Student Drawing
(Ć. Radić, S. Vilžek, S. Grajfoner, S. Bećirij, D. Karadžić), exhibited at the gallery in Lima (Peru)

2007 – Works by Milena Putnik and Nevena Popović from the exhibition Never or Next Time presented at the Gallery of Kimmel University Centre in New York (USA) in the framework of the exhibition Off-Center Femininities, Regards from Serbia and Montenegro, organised by the curator Jovana Stokić
2009 – Presentation of the Gallery of Students’ City Cultural Centre, the exhibition Modules and Visual Narrations, curator Maida Gruden  (A. Ajduković, B. Lukić, O. Inđić, I. Flegar, D. Dražić, I. Jevtović, M. Radmanović, G. Micevski, M. Josifović, M. Putnik, N. Cvetković, U. Pajić, N. Popović, N. Dabić), Serbian Cultural Centre, Paris, France


1965 – 1989 Participations at the Mala Pula Amateur Film Festival; Received ten awards with selection of films

1982 Centre Retrospective, University of Sorbonne’s Film Club, Paris

1984 Retrospective of European Post-War Avant-Garde Film. The film House by Radoslav Vladić selected among 50 European films

The Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
1987 Centre’s films screened in the framework of the Retrospective of the Yugoslav Avant-Garde Film, European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, FR Germany

1988 Centre Retrospective, UNICA, the World Festival of Amateur Film, Zagreb.

1989 Centre’s Video Production, Against the Current, Festival of Alternative Art, Amsterdam
1991. Centre Retrospective and Video Performances, Stodola Film Club, Warsaw

2007 Production of Academic Film Centre and selection of films from the festivals Alternative Film/Video and Balkanima, Short Film Festival in Mostar,

Lokomotiva Center for New Initiatives and Mala Stanica Cultural Centre in Skopje, Cinema Club Split
2008 Academic Film Centre’s production and selection of films from the Alternative Film/Video Festival, Rodina Cinema Centre, Sankt Petersburg

2009 Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film

The Best Serbian Producer Award for selection of films