The building of the Students’ City Cultural Centre was designed by a professor of the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, Milan Mitrović PhD. The Cultural Centre has at its disposal the space of 5.000 m2 for performance of its activities. Located in the urban environment of the Students’ City residential block, the Students’ City Cultural Centre is a modern and functional architectural complex, which consists of Administrative Building, Great Hall and Great Gallery, Library with Reading Rooms and the Plateau with Amphitheatre and Summer Stage.

Administrative Building (978 m2)
The Administrative Building incorporates the Small Hall (with 77 seats) intended for public discussion programmes, film and video screenings, chamber plays, conferences;  a bistro (with 50 seats), a meeting room  (with 35 seats); 3 studios, 2 makeup rooms, a theatre club and offices.


Studio 26 Meeting room Small Hall
Studio 26 Small Hall Small Hall

Great Hall (1,012 m2)
The Great Hall has 396 seats, a stage for theatrical plays, classical and popular music concerts and film screenings. Two foyers, suitable for appropriate musical-theatrical and art performances, are also an integral part of the Great Hall.


Library with Reading Rooms (1,949 m2)

The Library with Reading Rooms is a segment of the Students’ City Cultural Centre, consisting of four separate, interconnected spaces with 504 reading seats, which, in addition to their regular function, can be used for organisation of public discussions, round-table discussions, talks and book exhibitions. The Library with Reading Rooms and accompanying space- the Gallery, offices and the book warehouse - constitute an integral spatial unity.

Exhibition Venues
The Gallery, with the surface area of 92 m2, is equipped with exhibition panels and pedestals. All safety measures are duly observed and the gallery space is properly illuminated. It is suitable for gallery-format visual art works and small-size sculptures.  The Great Gallery, in the foyer of the Great Hall, is suitable for large art exhibitions. Both galleries are open every day, except on Sundays, from 5 to 9pm.

The Gallery The Gallery The Great Gallery
The Gallery The Gallery The Great Gallery

Summer Stage
The Summer Stage has 800 seats. It is suitable for rock, jazz, blues and pop concerts and performances of folk-dance ensembles.

With its 200 seats, the amphitheatre is suitable for staging monodramas, poetry evenings, performances, etc.



The Cultural Centre has:
- professional grade sound system
- 100 KW lighting system
- 35 and 16 mm cinema projectors
- video projectors
- Petrof grand piano
- relevant film production equipment

Other facilities  
1. Fast Internet , direct telephone lines, telefax;
2. Theatre club; two makeup rooms
3. Car park;
4. Wireless Internet
5. Possibility to lease all spatial capacities (Great Hall, Small Hall; Meeting Room, Studio 26..) for different purposes (seminars, trainings, concerts..) with the appropriate sound and lighting equipment and the operating technicians. 


Download photographs of the Culture Centre  (80MB).