The Students’ City Cultural Centre was founded in 1971 and opened in May 1974. The Cultural Centre is an educational institution operating in the framework of the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.



The types of programs offered by the SCCC have been adapted and improved over four decades, but continued to cover important areas involving creativity: Literature, Theatre, Music, the Visual Arts, Film, the Humanities, Science and Publishing. Programs are conducted via lectures, discussions, conferences, exhibitions and visual arts biennales, artist in residencies programs, concerts, film and music festivals, theatre projects, a school for film and photography, comic books, creative writing and music workshops, an acting school and so on.

The basic program objectives of SCCC are: addressing the cultural needs and values of students and nurturing new ones; involving the students community in art and humanities programs and projects that can serve as a powerful tool for understanding contemporary society; improving and fostering different forms of creativity of students through workshops, innovative educational programs from all fields of art and humanities, research and participative art projects; providing conditions conducive to study through making available reading rooms and library

SCCC is highly regarded as one of the leading cultural institutions in the country thanks to the diverse programs on offer, the scope of its ambition and significant achievements to date.


Information on programmes and tickets can be obtained at the reception of the Cultural Centre (Tel: 2691 442).  Entrance to programmes is free, except for commercial film and theatre performances. The Printed Monthly Programme of Events is free. Tickets for theatre performances and film screenings are sold at the day of event.

Library with Reading Rooms

Open every day (including Saturdays and Sundays) from 8am to 12pm. This segment of the Students’ City Cultural Centre consists of four separate, interconnected spaces with 504 reading seats. The library holdings are based on literature necessary to students of different profiles, along with the latest editions of fiction. 

Open every day, except on Sundays, from 5pm to 9pm

Cafe - Bistro
Open every day from 8am to 11 pm

How to find Students‘ City Cultural Centre

The Students‘ City Cultural Centre is located in New Belgrade, within the Students’ City residential area. The complex of Cultural Centre buildings is situated at 179 Bulevar Zorana Đinđića Street, in the area between the Studentska, Tošin bunar and Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića (Motorway) Streets. From Fontana, it is a five-minute walk, and from Zeleni Venac it takes 15 minutes by bus to get to the SCCC, or 10 minutes by car.

Coming by bus
At Zeleni Venac, take one of the following buses: number 72 and number 75 and get off at the 7th stop. If you come from Zvezdara, take the bus number 77. If you come from Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Street take a private minivan E4 or city bus number 74, which stops 200m from the Students’ City. From the railway station take the bus number 601, and from New Belgrade’s  Blokovi or Zemun take the bus number 45 or 611.

Coming by car
When coming from the city centre, go along the Branko’s Bridge in the direction of New Belgrade. Continue straight on along Bulevar Mihaila Pupina Street and at the roundabout at the New Belgrade Municipality turn into Pariske Komune Street and continue to Hala Sportova.  At the first crossroads turn left and at the next bend turn right. After 50m turn left and, through the park, you will enter our car park.


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